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sweet tunes that caress my soul

My eyes have been greatly opened lately; these pages needed some attention cause I wasn't mentioning a few amazing bands that have more recently changed my way of seeing music. It is when the complexity and structure of a tune become as essential to us as the melody and emotion of music, that we start setting our expectations in a higher level.

The music I long for, would be able to move you and make you feel a varied range of deep, strong emotions; but it would also amaze you, for it would reflect real and conscious knowledge of music theory, and it would use non-conventional rhythms and progressions to make it magical and unique.

This is my goal. And I just thank life for the opportunity of slowly making this dream a reality by having the help and beautiful ideas of my beloved friends.

Ok then, switching back to reality here are the bands/authors that most closely manage to fulfil this expectations of mine:

the 3rd and the Mortal

Gordian Knot

Jason Becker


And here's the rest of the band reviews:


celestial season

devil doll

the gathering

héroes del silencio


my dying bride


theatre of tragedy



within temptation

other bands and links

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